The British Special Air Service

The British Special Air Service (SAS) is widely regarded as the ultimate elite fighting unit. Many of the worlds’ top special forces utilise tactics employed by the SAS: the original elite fighting force of the modern age.

The British SAS Qualification Statement:

I agree to carry out arduous duties with no recognition, no rewards, no promotions, and no medals

Introduction to SAS Squadrons

There are four SAS ‘Sabre’ Squadrons (labelled A,B,D & G) each contains around 64men, the squadron is composed of four troops called Special Projects Teams each with 16 men which are further sub-divided into 4 four-men assault teams.

Each troop has its own speciality: boat troop (all aspects of amphibious warfare); Mobility Troop (Land Rovers, fast attack vehicles and motorcycles); Air Troop (freefall parachuting); and mountain troop (mountaineering and winter warfare operations.)

All soldiers are rotated through different troops during their three-year service with the regiment. This ensures that each man has at least two troop skills in addition to his patrol skills. This cross-training guarantees that each four-man patrol contains a broad cross-section of military expertise. In addition each sabre squadron is periodically rotated through CRW duty forming the anti terrorist team.

SAS Team Diagram