Chronology of Major SAS Operations


Axis airfields raided

14 December  Agheilia

21 December  Agedabia


Axis airfields raided

8 March  Barce / Berka

25 March  Benina

13 June  Benina / Berka

7 July   Bagoush / El Daba / Fuka

12 July   Fuka

26 July   Sidi Haneish


12 July   Operation “Chestnut” Abortive operation in Northern Sicily

3 September  Operation “Baytown” Capture Italian Port of Bagnara

7 September  Operation “Speedwell” Northern Italy

2 – 6 October  Operation “Begonia” Evacuation of British POW’s from Italy

27 October  Operation “Candytuft” railway line cut on East Italian Coast


7 January  Operation “Maple” Abortive attempt to support Anzio landings

30 January  Operation “Baobab” Support of the Anzio landings

6 June   Operation “Titanic” Normandy

6 June – 3 July Operation “Bullbasket” Railway lines cut, trains destroyed Southern France, SAS’s base of operations betrayed and about 40 men were executed.

6 June  Operation “Dingson” Abortive Mission Brittany

6 – 9 June  Operation “Samwest” Mission in Brittany disrupted by German Forces

6 – 21 June  Operation “Houndsworth” Railway lines cut west of Dijon France

6 June – 15 August Operation “Gain” Southwest of Paris German Communications severed

7 June   Operation “Cooney” Severing railway lines in Brittany France

23 June – 18 July Operation “Lost” resulted in 2000 enemy casualties in Brittany France

8 July – 11 August Operation “Hast” Intelligence gathering in Northern France

16 July – 7 October Operation “Dickens” Rail disruption Nantes France

11 – 24 August Operation “Marshall” Offensive operations in France

12 Aug – 9 Oct Operation “Loyton” Intelligence gathering in Northern France

13 – 24 August Operation “Snelgrove” Arming resistance forces in Southern France

13 Aug- 19 Sept Operation “Barker” Protecting US Army as it advances through France

13 Aug – 24 Sept Operation “Harrod” Disruption of enemy movements in central France

13 Aug – 26 Sept Operation “Kipling” 3000 Germans surrender in central France

15 Aug – 9 Sept Operation “Jockworth” Disruption of enemy force in Southeast France

16 Aug – 13 Sept Operation “Noah” Intelligence gathering in French Ardennes

19 Aug – 11 Sept Operation “Newton” Harassing of German forces in central France

19 Aug – 19 Sept Operation “Wallace” Jeep operation in Dijon France

26 Aug – 3 Sept Operation “Wolsey” Intelligence gathering in Northeast France

28 Aug – 1 Sept Operation “Benson” Intelligence gathering in Northeast France

29 Aug – 14 Sept Operation “Spenser” Damage inflicted on Germans in Northern France

2 Sept – 15 Sept Operation “Brutus” Intelligence gathering Belgian Ardennes

6 Sept – 11 Sept Operation “Caliban” Severing enemy communication in Northeast Belgium

15 Sept – 3 Oct Operation “Pistol” Cutting railway lines in Eastern France

1944 – 1945

16 Sept – 14 March Operation “Fabian” Intelligence gathering Arnheim Holland

27 Sept – 17 March Operation “Gobbo” Intelligence gathering around Drente Holland

24 Dec – 25 Jan Operation “Franklin” Supporting US forces during German Ardennes offensive

27 Dec – 14 February  Operation “Galia” Intelligence gathering in Northern Italy

27 Dec – 15 January  Operation “Regent” Blunting the German Ardennes offensive


March – May Operation “Archway” Assisting the advance of British 21st Army Group into Germany

4 March – 24 April Operation “Tombola” Successful offensive mission in Northern Italy

3 April – 18 April Operation “Keystone” Jeep mission in Holland

3 April – 8 May Operation “Larkswood” Jeep offensive in Northern Germany

6 April – 6 May Operation “Howard” Jeep operation in Northwest Germany

May Operation “Apostle” Disarming German garrison in Norway

1950 – 1960

Malaya Campaign against communist guerrillas in the jungle, which resulted in the reformation of 22 SAS

1958 – 1959

November – January Jebel Akhdar, Oman – Successful campaign against the rebels in Northern Oman

1963 – 1966 Borneo – Successful jungle campaigns against rebel guerrillas and Indonesian forces.

1964 – Nov 1967 Aden – Campaign against tribesman in Radfan area and guerrillas in the port of Aden

1969 Northern Ireland – On going campaign against terrorists in Ulster

1970 – 1976 Oman – Campaign against communist guerrillas including effective SAS “hearts and minds” policy, which proved successful

19 July 1972 The Battle of Mirbat – SAS team of nine men defeated large guerrilla force in Oman during a one-day battle. [With the help of local forces and another squadron of SAS men.]

13th October 1977 helped GSG9 with Mogadishu Rescue of 91 Hostages aboard 737

5 May 1980 Operation “Nimrod” Iranian Embassy London SAS hostage rescue

July 1981 The Gambia – The SAS help to restore President Jawara to power

April – June 1982 The Falkland Islands – Intelligence gathering and raiding operations against Argentinean positions.

8 May 1987 Loughhall Northern Ireland – SAS wipes out East Trone Brigade in ambush

6 March 1988 Gibraltar – SAS team shoots dead three IRA terrorists

1989 Columbia – SAS committed to anti-cocaine war

Aug 1990 – Feb 1991 Arabian Gulf – SAS involved in operations behind the line in Iraq and Kuwait

May 1991 Rescue of Ethiopian Royal Family 12 hours before rebels seized control of Addis Adaba

1991 SAS training of Cambodian resistance groups

1991 End of operation in Bosnia

1993 SAS assisted Waco Siege – Texas

1997 SAS assisted Peruvian Siege – Lima Peru

1997 Rescue of Albanian orphanage care workers from Elbasab, Albania

1997 – 2000 Operation against Serbian war criminals including killing top Serb war criminal Simo Orijaca during his arrest

1999 – 2000 Laser marking of targets during Kosovo War and tracking of war criminals

2000 Operations against Rebels in Sierra Leone

2001 Operation in Macedonia prior to main NATO landing including route recces, hostile target intelligence gathering and mapping likely ambush points.

2001 – 2002 Operation in Afghanistan, including laser-designating targets, intelligence gathering on enemy positions, preparing airports for allied landings and offensive missions on enemy targets and hideouts

August 2002 The SAS reconnoitred the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe in preparation for a possible evacuation of British citizens

September 2002 British and American Special Forces believed to be in Western Iraq preventing Saddam Hussein from launching SCUD’s into Israel.