The SAS – Aden

On the other side of the world the British had other problems, after they had agreed to grant independence to Aden both Yemen and Egypt, backed by the Soviet Union launched a rebellion in the RABFAN. The situation quickly became untenable and ‘A’ squadron 22 SAS were sent from Borneo to assist, because it was common knowledge that the British were pulling out hearts and minds would have no effect.  Instead the SAS were largely deployed in small teams, behind enemy lines directing air and artillery strikes against rebel lines of communication.  To the south in Aden SAS teams started to operate what was then a totally new and alien form of warfare, urban counter terrorism.  Locally they were known as KILLY NEELY describing a snake moving in long grass, dressed as Arabs, the SAS would deploy a uniformed ‘stake man’ and then lay in wait for the terrorists to strike.  Few could foresee that these sorts of operations would become the future mainstay of the regiment.  In 1967 Britain pulled out of Aden.