Delta Force is configured into three levels of troops.  The smallest unit is a single team consisting of four to five members.  Each team is formed by their specialized skills in HALO/HAHO, SCUBA and many other talents and abilities.

The next level of Delta Force is the Troop Level.  This rank consists of four to five teams and like the smallest unit, the teams are formed by the individuals specialized skills.

The Squadron level, the third level of the Delta Force, has four squadrons consisting of two troops, Assault and Sniper.  These squadrons are broken down into troops and teams, as needed, to fulfill the mission requirements.

Although not known for certain due to the secrecy of the unit, it is rumored that Delta Force consists of having nearly 1,000 operators.  Approximately 250 of those operators are trained to conduct investigation and direct action missions.  These 250 soldiers are sectioned into three troops.  Two of the troops are assault troops, as the third troop (commonly known as the “Recce” troop) specializes in exploration and surveillance.  The remaining 750 Delta Force soldiers are highly trained specialists in mechanics, communications, intelligence and other support divisions.  It is also reported that Delta sustains an aviation platoon consisting of civilian looking aircraft with false identification numbers, obviously to blend with other aircraft and not draw attention.  It is rumored this aviation platoon consists of as many as twelve aircraft.