Recruitment and Training

The headquarters of Delta Force is located in a remote section of the U.S. Army’s expansive Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  There have been many alleged reports of the compound which state it contains the most elite facilities for its soldiers.  These amenities include numerous shooting facilities, an Olympic size swimming pool, a dive tank and a three story climbing wall.  As it may seem to some people that these amenities are quite extreme, they all serve an absolute purpose in the training process of the Delta Force.  Operators are highly trained for any and all possible occurrences.  Their skills, learned in training, are enhanced by the unit’s participation in an ongoing exchange and training program with foreign counterterrorist units such as Britain’s 22 SAS, France’s GIGN, Germany’s GSG-9 Israel’s Saveret Matkal/Unit 269, and Australia’s own Special Air Service Regiment.  The cooperation of these groups initiates numerous benefits to each other.  Exchanges of new tactics and equipment enhance relations that could prove quite useful in future missions.

Although the majority of recruits to Delta Force stem from the U.S. elite Ranger battalions and Special Forces groups, many candidates are from all branches of the Army, including the Army Reserves and National Guard.  The initial selection of Delta Force is done in three ways; soldiers respond to advertisements which are posted at Army bases nationwide, by word of mouth or personal recommendations, and finally a soldier may be chosen for the unit simply for the individual skills the soldier possesses.  When and individual is chosen, a representative from Delta is dispatched to specifically interview the individual.

Upon selection of recruitments a training course is initiated for the soldiers, which consists of standard tests.  These tests include push ups, sit ups, and a three mile run.  The soldiers are then directed to a series of physical courses, which include an eighteen mile run, and all night land navigation course while carrying a thirty-five pound pack.  The weight of the pack, distance of the run and the time standards of the courses are increased throughout the course.  The physical testing is completed with a forty mile march with a forty five pound pack over rough terrain.  This march must be completed within an unknown amount of time.  Although not a known fact, it is rumored that the highest ranking members of the Pentagon are privileged to see the set time limits of these courses, however all assessment and selection tasks and conditions are set by Delta training officials.

Mental testing is also part of the recruitments training course.  The testing begins with number psychological exams.  Upon the completion of mental course training, if an individual is selected for Delta, the candidate will then begin a six month training cycle/probation.  This training program begins with firearm accuracy training as well as training with many types of firearms.

Delta Force Operators are equipped with the most advanced weaponry and
equipment available in the U.S. special operations arsenal. A significant
portion of the gear utilized by Delta is highly customized and cannot be found anywhere except in the hands of Delta Force Operatives.