Al-Qaeda First Terrorist Attack

Al Qaeda’s very first terrorist attached was on December 29, 1992 as two bombs were discharged in Aden, Yemen; one target, the Movenpick Hotel and the other the parking lot of the Goldmohur Hotel. These bombings were orchestrated to eliminate American soldiers who were headed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope, a famine relief effort. Upon the detonation of the bombs, al-Aaeda called the attempt a victory as it frightened the Americans; however in the U.S. the bombing was hardly noticed as no Americans were killed. The soldiers were residing in another hotel, remained safe and moved onto Somalia as scheduled. Unfortunately, two civilians were killed in the attack, an Australian tourist and a hotel employee. Several others were severely injured. This attack by al-Qaeda was pivotal as it was the beginning of a change in direction for the cell. They were now killing civilians.