Expansion of Al-Qaeda Operations

Upon the end of the Soviet mission in Afghanistan, Israel and Kashmir were the next areas of expansion for the organization operations. Several overlapping and interconnected cells were formed to implement that objective. One of which would be called Al-Qaeda, as it was formed by bin Laden, and its initial meeting was held on August 11, 1988.

The objective of bin Laden was to establish non military operations in many parts of the world. Ali Mohamed, a former special forces Sergeant stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, finished his military duty in November of 1989. He toured many parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan eventually becoming involved with bin Laden’s missions. Approximately one year later, on November 8, 1990, Mohammed’s associate, El Sayyid Nosiar’s home was raided by the American FBI. Agents discovered massive evidence of terrorist plots, aimed at Americans, including bombings on New York skyscrapers. Mohammed is alleged in having assisted bin Laden’s relocation to Sudan. With the alleged involvement of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Nosair was eventually convicted and sent to prison.